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Series of Jean Forsberg’s paintings arranged thematically

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Dragonfly Butterfly
Feeding Frenzy
Two Meditating
The Meaning of Water
Bees in Poppies
Somatic Meditation
Within Butterfly Wings
Self Portait-2013
Leslie Among Lilies
Hummimgbirds in Flowers
Dogs Geetimng-0699.jpg
Birds Listening


Spheres occur willy nilly as I paint, in my process as color strokes and forms bring a canvas along and through its journey. There seems to be some necessity in nature and painting for this cycling, circling. Musically and with mirroring, every moment in paint responds and resonates with all the rest. I can try to avoid this as I paint, but before I find some wholeness in a piece, there it is!
Birds Listening
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Standing Screens

I get lost and found and balanced in nature. Standing screens grew from my passionate dream of creating in paint dwelling spaces where us fragmented humans, immersed in color fields, rekindle calm, vital balance.
Woods & Water